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Thank you Ms Evelyn for going through with me through the toughest moment in my life during this period of time. Through the numerous sessions, she has been non judgemental and provides me with the beneficial assistance i need. It was comfortable sharing with her my problems and allows me to show her my vulnerable side to her with ease. The exercises that she taught me till this day has been well applied and greatly enabled me to soothe myself down when in need. Her exercises are effective and i will continue to apply them in the present and the future. Ms Evelyn is someone whom i will highly recommend to anyone out there whom requires to seek a listening ear from and needs a direction to go forth in their tough times.


Z, 25

It is my pleasure to meet Ms Evelyn Lim. Evelyn is experienced, meticulous and equip with intrapersonal skill and non-judgemental attitude. My zoom calls with her are always relax, comfortable and fruitful.

Talking to her is like chatting with a good buddy, I feel confident and secured and respected to share my problems freely.

She had shared several emotional healing steps and other tactics how to manage stress and anxiety.  These steps are now essential skills in my life.   Currently I am more confident and positive.
I sincerely thanks Evelyn for the guidance, encouragement and support during my difficult time.

Your faithfully, Priscillia Tan

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