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Book a 30-minute no-obligation Discovery Session with one of us right away! We would love to be able to explore your coaching needs and to propose a plan to help get you to where you want to go. We look forward to hearing from you. 



Life Coach for Teenagers and Young Adults. Counsellor. Mentor for Teenagers/Young Adults. International Motivational Speaker.

Contact me if you need to discuss about mapping out options for clarity, achieving mindset breakthroughs and/or discuss on coaching needs. Both offline (Singapore) and online sessions are available for discovery discussions. 

Specialty: Clarity Coaching. Teenagers and Young Adults. 




Life Coach for Women

Contact me if you would like to explore emotional healing and mindset breakthroughs, and/or applying the Law of Attraction and manifestation principles. Online discovery sessions are available. Kindly specify your location, so that a time slot can be arranged. 

Specialty: Deep-dive Emotional Healing. Women in business or professionals.  


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