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Before meeting Dumex, I had a lot of issues in terms of managing myself. I had problems with what to do in terms of organising and deciding what to do, as well as having the mentality to look forward and be positive. I had mental struggles in my first year in JC1 and some of it crossed over to my 2nd JC1 year. Hence it was hard for me and even though I seemed to be doing well, inside i was struggling.


However, after I started working with Dumex I experienced changes along the way. By making use of his gratitude exercises, I found my perspective on life change, as I went from a person who stressed 24/7 on problems to being able to focus more on the positives. His advice on business and investments allowed me to plan out my ideas better and gave me more clarity in what to do. But what struck me most was his attitude, where he would actually extend the sessions longer to accomodate to my questions, despite him having other commitments he had made earlier. As a result from his guidance, I have managed to improve my outlook on life. I am not 100% positive all the time, but I am definitely less focused on the problems that I have and have instead learnt to channel my negative emotions into productive work. Despite the increasing workload of JC not allowing me to meet him for sessions as much as I would like to, I have managed to cope with my studies and sports commitments, alllowing me to chase my dreams.


I would definitely recommend Dumex as a coach as he not only talks about what people should do, but he follows through and sets an example to follow. He gives practical advice and always addresses problems from the root, allowing you to solve the problem fully, even if it takes a longer time and more effort.

  • KLTJ, 19

Before I met Dumex, I was a directionless and conflicted student who did not have clarity about what I wanted out of life. I simply could not get myself to achieve my dreams and aspirations. I lacked the focus, discipline and determination that was vital for me to succeed, and controlling my feelings and mood was my biggest struggle. It felt like I had the potential to do many things, yet there was a mysterious mental barrier that was stopping me.


But the tables turned once I started working with Dumex. He is very humble, down to earth and not anywhere close to being judgemental, which I feel is a very important trait of a mentor and life coach. He is one of the only people that I can talk to about my challenges without hesitation. He is very systematic and patient and never fails to come up with a wide variety of mental or emotional approaches to common life problems and I’ve learnt alot from his sharings on career pathways and life advice. With his continued support, I have been consistently making many positive changes to my life which I would have otherwise struggled to make and I know that now I am definitely on the way to achieve all the things that I’ve always wanted to. 

  • A, 19

I was recommended to Dumex by my discipline master back in my junior college due to my chronic tardiness and episodes of depression. The problem started when I first got into my junior college feeling rather lost and often helpless, leading to a lack of motivation to go to school and ultimately decimating my grades and a cause for my tardiness.

Dumex is a kind, patient, and humble person. He definitely has all the qualities of a person you would want as a coach. Working with him is pleasant in a way that your thinking and perspective of situations you are in are always taken into account. He spares no effort in getting to know you, so as to find the optimal advice for you, but in doing so helps you to understand yourself better as well.

Of course, Dumex was not the overnight solution to all my problems and it was not easy opening up after just one or two meetings. But that is where Dumex's virtues in being patient and understanding helped when dealing with me. He did not force me to open up and expose all my problems at once, rather he took the time and effort to guide me at my own pace. And after a while, much of the burden on my shoulders were lifted.

I have since learned that beliefs drive our actions, and the consequences are the results from these actions. The first step to solving a problem is to recognize that there is one. And this requires the recognition of what we hold true. Dumex was also very helpful in guiding me through my relationship problems. When I was having a difficult time talking to my father, Dumex was there to encourage me and showed me the ways that I could interact with my dad for us to come into an understanding. And thanks to that, an age long bitterness I had with my father came to an end.

I would Definitely recommend Dumex as a coach! Dumex is a flexible coach and I am sure that most people will find him a pleasure to work with.


  • B, 19

My husband n I signed up for Dumex’s flight cum coaching experience mainly because I wanna fulfill my dream to experience flying. I believe it will help me break through some limitation in my thoughts and what I believe is possible. It was a wonderful experience and after the flight experience, we chatted about life. While it may just be a casual conversation, Dumex was able to facilitate the conversation to help me gain clarity about what I want in life  and what I want for myself. For me, at that point in time, what I really wanted was to be able to have health and fitness. I’ve always wanted to establish an exercise routine but failed upteen times. I was never active in my life, failed Nafa tests throughout my school life and suffered a lot of shame due to my sedentary lifestyle.


After the flight experience, Dumex agreed to hold me accountable for my exercise routine. I started really simple by going for slow jog. Gradually I up my speed and also added on strength conditioning exercise.  I did daily check-ins with Dumex and he journeyed with me by:

  - Helping me set a goal 
  - Have clarity of why I want to have this goal 
  - What is my exercise plan

He gave wise advise not to be overly ambitious so that the exercise routine can be sustainable. Also, he helped me differentiate and gain clarity regarding the purpose of my goal which is to gain fitness and not so much weight lost. When I struggled, he reminded me of my "Why". His ability to ask good questions createed an empowering experience for me. To date (31 May 2020), I’ve lost 3kg and I managed to establish a daily exercise routine since 12 March 2020 and I will definitely continue to build this habit. 

As a result of this change, I now feel more confident about myself. My children who witnessed this transformation in me also began to exercise daily. They now have no excuse because their Mum is doing it. They saw how I struggled and persevered, laughed together with me at my form and we soldiered on together. To me, this is quite a miracle 😇 

I’m thankful to Dumex for being my accountability partner and my coach. I highly recommend him as a coach and am certain you will benefit greatly from this empowering coaching experience with Dumex👍😊

  • C, Mother of 4

Before I met Dumex I was a really angry and vindictive person, I also lacked plenty in terms of social skills and being able to understand social convention.

It was really pleasant to work with Dumex, not only was he able to help me deal and work toward being a better person, he also imparted to me a number of multiple invaluable skills and techniques to better manage my anger and impulses. Moreover, he also helped me understand people better and I have since been able to interact with others more effectively.

After working with Dumex for a while, I have come to understand the sources of my anger, I have also learnt to better manage my emotions and actions.

As a result of working with Dumex, I have learnt to be a more effective leader in school, I have learnt to better manage my anger and to be a person who is strongly rooted to a set of principles and guides, I have learnt and grown to be accountable for all that I do, and most importantly, I have grown to be a better version of myself.

I would strongly recommend Dumex as a coach, Dumex takes joy in being a life coach and he is an inspiration to me and most important of all, he cares about the growth of the people he coaches and hopes for nothing but the best for them.

  • S, 19

Before I met Dumex I faced many issues. Issues mainly regarding relationships with my family members, insecurities, and had much trouble expressing my feelings.


Working with Dumex was an enjoyable and a self-learning experience. He helped me come up with solutions to my problems especially when I have arguments with my parents. Not only did he project his views and opinions as a parent but also as a life coach and friend. He did not judge me and provided me a listening ear. And when I was stuck between difficult life choices like finding a suitable education path after my exams, he did so much meaningful and well collected research that was easy for me to process. He taught me many valuable techniques to better myself and calm myself when I’m not in the best mood.


After working with Dumex, I have become more open-minded and understanding towards my relationships with my family members and myself. I really appreciate the small lessons he teaches me by the end of each session and would recommend him as a coach for others. He takes pride in his work and really cares about his students.

  • LK, 19

My challenges when I first met Dumex were the various issues I had regarding my studies and my lack of motivation to study hard, as well as my own personal day to day struggles with regards to general life as well as family. Working with Dumex allowed me to feel comfortable and more at ease as he served as an unbiased and non-judgemental listening ear, and as such, I was able to share about my various concerns and problems with him and he was also able to suggest solutions and suggestions which I otherwise would not have thought about. 


After working with Dumex for a period of time (almost 2 years), I was able to feel much more calm when facing difficult situations as well as mentally stronger when I face adversity, whilst also more clear about how to plan my future. I would definitely recommend Dumex as a coach to anyone who needs advice and support in any aspects of life as he has many ways in which to manage your frustrations and to help you cope and calm yourself in the event of difficult situations.


  • GL, 19

I was recommended to Dumex by a close friend of mine. I felt things were bleak and generally had a negative outlook on life and the things around me. I felt as though my dream job was slipping from me and wanted to give up hope chasing it all together. I did not have very much self-confidence and felt as though almost everything I did was not enough. 


When I started working with Dumex, he introduced me to the Emotional Freedom Technique which I used to bring down my elevated emotional state. Dumex also introduced me to his gratitude exercise, where I was able to take note of many of the smaller things that were going on well in my life and appreciate it. Dumex also helped me identify what I truly want in life. He helped me filter out the "noises" generated by the people around me and focus on what I truly wanted. Dumex is caring, understanding, patient, and very approachable. I always feel comfortable approaching him whenever I need his take on a situation. Dumex has also given me additional perspectives on various situations I have encountered and allowed me to view things from a different, more optimistic angle. Never once did Dumex say that his way was most definitely the right way forward, however he instead gave me the choice and told me the consequences and outcome of choosing whichever path. Dumex has also been firm when it comes to my choice of words, making sure that I choose the right words which would influence my way of thinking. He is patient with me when working through issues that at times rears its head more than once. Dumex has been a huge inspiration to me, telling me his life experiences and encouraging me to never give up.


I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to journey and grow with Dumex. I would most definitely recommend as a life coach.

  • BW, 19

I was introduced to Dumex by a close friend of mine. Since meeting the man himself, I have built up more confidence in my life path regardless of career or life in general.


Most of what I have learnt from him was simply through direct conversations - body language, tone, maturity, the perspectives of how he looks at situations and even the humour. This not only shows that he is someone you can trust opening up to but also have a breeze in starting a conversation with. It is hard for me to describe as 

he is such a character!


While I am not pitching anything here, I can say without hesitation that Dumex is a figure that has changed my life significantly for the better. He is someone whom I aspire to be in terms of character (and career). To date, there has not been a single thing that I have learnt from him that went to waste and not been applied in my life.

  • ML, 18

Dumex is a very experienced and extremely professional coach. I've grown so much personally after my sessions with him.


He listens, empathizes and ask questions to continue the conversation. He remembers and he is able to cite previous discussions easily. Most importantly, he shares. He shares his very rich life experiences without being prescriptive, and he provides a framework for me to look at my issues in a structured manner.


My relaxed conversations with Dumex have helped me crystallize my thoughts into very useful actionable steps, a customized process that he will try to suggest after most sessions.


Whoever is considering coaching, self-help or even just having someone to talk to, Dumex is one of the best in the space. He is very passionate about his calling, and I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a listening ear - from teenagers to mid-career adults, and even retirees!

  • KW, 46

As a young teen, I was at a turning point in my life. I mainly struggled with finding the ability and confidence to make the many life changing decisions that I had to make at this age. I also found it challenging to cope with the stress placed on me at times, from school, extracurricular activities and myself. Furthermore, I often felt lost and adrift, with little idea on how to further improve myself, and feel more fulfilled in life.


Even from my first mentoring session, I already have the impression that Dumex was and is very friendly, approachable and kind. I felt very at ease and comfortable during my mentoring sessions with him, and felt open enough to share about some of my thoughts and feelings that I would tend to keep to myself. Having an adult figure outside of my family, whom I could ask for advice and consult openly benefitted me greatly, as I could obtain an unbiased yet wise opinion, and learn from the many teachings and experiences Dumex has went through. 

Thanks to the mentoring sessions with Dumex, I feel like I have crucially gained a better sense of direction in life, on how to lead a life I won’t regret, as well as what actions to take to improve myself. The insight Dumex has offered on the various concerns and worries I have have been invaluable, and helped me see challenges and problems in a different, I would say clearer and wiser perspective. On top of that, I have gained teachings about life that I might not otherwise have taken away from a school or classroom setting, such as that on leadership, communication, and others.

Yes, I would definitely recommend Dumex as a coach. Working with Dumex has helped me massively, and I believe that he has more than what it takes to help everyone else:D


  • Lucas, 18

My friends and I had the amazing opportunity to engage in regular meetings with Mr. Leong (aka Dumex) to learn more about leadership practices and his background as a pilot and now motivational coach. In the early weeks, we got to know unique insights and delve into overlooked qualities of what leaders should have for the modern world (serving for others vs blunt truth leading). But as these sessions progressed, we were incredibly in awe of Dumex’s enthusiasm and his wisdom. And so, we began asking much more personal questions beyond what our school just wanted us to gather. These questions had genuine importance and connections to us. And whether it be difficulties we had in school, or takes on how to live life meaningfully, they were indeed challenges before meeting Dumex. 

Dumex brings a lot of grounded realism and practical optimism to these topics we discussed. I really loved that the answers he gave for us wasn’t necessarily 100% true in perspective, as undoubtedly, we had to fully learn and discover what that answer means ourselves, using his words as a guiding point. He also wasn’t afraid to speak out against opinions we had, helping us relook at our ways of thinking. And for the bigger questions that I had (those that were morally sensitive or confusing), Dumex was incredibly patient to help me rephrase my abstract mess of words into more fundamental ideas. These talks really stuck with me, because for a person who gets lost or worried in the grand schemes of life, I’ve found more beauty in value in focusing on the smaller things in life, doing the little actions that goes a long way to help others find more certainty and comfort in this world; the journey rather than the end-goal. Definitely I don’t think school teaches these things. And for my friends, their trust in sharing their struggles and vulnerabilities also became something I appreciated as they were problems I had yet to face. All in all, these meetings were very safe and sincere times. 

Things like practicing non-judgement, letting others be heard, spiritual nourishment, embracing imperfection and empowerment are some of the key things that I still remember (without referring to the meeting logs), which goes to show how purposeful they are. I firmly believe that he is without a doubt, one of the most understanding and admirably resolute mentors. I would highly recommend as a coach to those seeking for more clarity. 


  • JH, 18

Before working with Dumex, I did not know how to efficiently work towards my goals in both my studies and fitness, how to manage my stress, or work towards a closer relationship with my mom. I started off with the end goal of going to University as well as achieving my ideal body.

Once I started working with Dumex I found that I was able to view these problems from different perspectives. During our sessions we would have explored different strategies to tackle the issue and I would be free to choose how I’d like to move forward and make an informed decision that would often push me closer towards my end goal. I would also be able to take away techniques that would help me in progressing. An example of this would be the EFT tapping, a technique that allowed me to collect my thoughts when I was stressed and better manage my emotions. During the hectic exam period this skill was very helpful in guiding me to think rationally under pressure. 

Most of the skills I have learned as a result of these sessions are not only applicable in my own goals but more often than not remain useful outside of them in my personal life. 

After a period of time working with Dumex I had made significant progress towards both of my goals, having lost more than 10kg as well as showing improvement in most of my subjects at school. Although I was far from my end goal, the improvement greatly motivated me.

I would recommend Dumex as a coach.

  • Jonathan, 16

After working with Dumex for over a year, I am truly grateful to have been under his guidance. Throughout our sessions, I’m always surprised by his ability to talk me through any problem I face. He is extremely well equipped with a breadth of  knowledge as well as the people skills to deliver valuable guidance with kindness and humour. In all our conversations, I’ve always felt as though I was talking to a friend who I’m comfortable confiding in, rather than a coach. Each session has always left me with a spark of motivation to work towards my goals and to try out new strategies. 


Initially, I expected our sessions to follow a rigid path of career guidance. However, what I’ve gained is so much more than that- new perspectives of world issues, values and principles, as well as inspiration to pursue more than I believed I could.  Working with Dumex has truly helped me gain a better understanding of myself and what I hope to be. Thanks Dumex!

  • Hakeem, 18

I just broke up with my then-girlfriend and was facing some personal mental health issues such as self-existential, partnership definition, life-career changes. 


This is my first experience seeking mental health consultation. I think I got really lucky with Dumex as we share some personality traits and views which allowed him to be more relatable to me. He could understand my way of thinking, mannerisms and logics in several topics. Dumex also created a safe open space for me to express what I feel with no holdbacks. 


I was comfortable talking to Dumex about anything. In turn, it was nice that he was sharing some parallel experiences of his own to be relatable. It helped me realise certain things that I had forgotten or gave me some new perspective on certain topics.


As a result of working with Dumex, I gained some new tools to deal with troubles in the future. Also gained some new perspective on certain topics which helped steer me away from potential self-destructive ones. 

Yes I would recommend Dumex as a coach. He gives very sound advices while being open and not imposing.

  • Daniel, 31

I was struggling to complete my assignments. I was struggling with depression and PTSD and with them came the struggles and challenges commonly associated with mental health issues. 

I looked forward to working with Dumex he gave me practical solutions to the issues I was facing. Dumex also spoke to me on a personal level. I felt that Dumex reached over the barrier of mentor and mentee and counselled me on a level that I felt heard and understood without the usual rigidity that is felt with my past counsellors. In my opinion he went above and beyond the call of duty and what was required of him. 

I was better able to understand the roots of my trauma. The trauma was more bearable. I was less suicidal. I was more productive. I was healthier. I was able to become a better version of myself.


As a result of working with Dumex, I am better able to handle life challenges. I am better able to process my trauma. When I am in a situation where I am having a panick attack or feeling stuck I am able to talk and walk myself thru it. 

I would definitely recommend him as a coach! It would be impossible to recommend him more as a coach. As someone who have been struggling with mental health since 14 and I am now in my late 20s after cycling through a plethora of different mental health professionals, I can confidently say no one has understood me and my issues better than Dumex. 

  • JJ, 20s

I met Dumex at a difficult time in my life, when a devastating infidelity nearly burned down my marriage. Seething with suppressed rage and grief, I sought help online and was lucky enough to be assigned to Dumex. 


Though it felt unconventional to open up about my marriage to a man, he remained professional and non-judgmental throughout. The first few sessions were a relief as I poured out my hostile, resentful and confused thoughts, which I was never able to voice before. Dumex listened with utmost empathy, asked thoughtful questions and patiently reframed my words, helping me process my thoughts and emotions.


When I was emotionally ready, his focus shifted to communication strategies and tools that would help me find my voice to advocate for my needs in a way that was effective yet compassionate. I became more aware of my unhealthy communication patterns and how I could manage them. 


All in all, our sessions have helped me confidently navigate an extremely challenging period, while improving my situation in the long term. To anyone who is hurt, confused, discouraged, stuck, or simply in need of an insightful listening ear, I would not hesitate to recommend Dumex.

  • MM, 35

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